• A transparent developer & freelancer agency.

  • What

    Our purpose is to give ourselves the ultimate level of freedom and the ability to set our own course.
    Our name is a play on the word archipelago, to signify that every one of us is an independent island, but at the same time part of something bigger.

  • Who

    Erik Nordmark
    software dev & ux designer

    +46 702 14 44 51


    Frank Lood
    software dev & ux designer

    +46 793 406 318‬


    Lukas Suter
    software dev

    +46 720 155 88 1


    Simon Arneson
    software dev

    +46 732 52 31 52


    Simon Takman
    software dev & ux designer

    +46 703 25 36 98


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    If you want to be a part of something great. Maybe you are a future client, a developer, a ux designer or you're just intrigued by us. Send us a message and we'll be happy to discuss whatever is on your mind over a cup of coffee!